The Coeymans Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary was formed in the year of 1923 with the purpose of aiding the firemen in their duties. There were approxiamately 20 Charter members. Some of the first members who helped organize the auxiliary were: Cora Sherman, Bertha Shear, Anna Stylan, Mabel Baker, Margaret Niver, Elizabeth Minnock, Emma Reid, Mildred Southard, Minnie Smith, Ida Giddings, Mrs. VanHoesen, Birdella Hagerty, Rose Frangella (Mrs. Frank), Alice Mudge and Kathryn Delehanty. Since the records of these previous years have been destroyed, unfortunately it is impossible to name all charter members. Their meetings were held upstairs in the old firehouse on Main St. and Westerlo St. where many card parties and fundraising socials were held. The biggest event of the year was the annual 4th of July parade followed by a delicious dinner sponsered by the firemen and auxiliary. Enough money was earned by the auxiliary to buy the furniture which we still enjoy today, plus pay one installment on the first firetruck called the "Larable".

Thus began the Coeymans Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary leading up to the one we know today. There are presently 65 members with a majority being life members with over 25 years of service. Our purpose is still to aid the firemen in their endeavors. One of the most important task of the auxiliary is providing to our firemen. We are always available to feed our firemen and surronding companies after long, tiring fires and take great pride in the relationship which exists between the firemen and auxiliary. We are also a charter member of the Albany County Firemen's Association Ladies Auxiliary. We also take pride in supporting our community wheather thru our scholorship program each year for school students or helping our firemen at the NYS Firemen's home.